Why Open Protocol?

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Why Open Protocol

All modern fire & security systems operate using core software which is unique to each manufacturer.

Closed Protocol

A number of national fire and security companies are also manufacturers, these companies supply closed protocol systems. The core software in this instance remains the property of the manufacturer, and it is often kept off site without any access for the system owner. Additions and updates to these systems must be sourced via the original supplier; this creates a monopoly, limiting the number of companies able to offer a comprehensive service and allowing the supplier to charge a premium on spares, thereby increasing costs to the end user.

Open Protocol

Significantly, the core software in this instance is owned by the end user. This affords full control to the owner of the system, maintenance and additions are sourced in the market at a competitive rate How can we help?

Systems supplied by OPT are ‘Open Protocol’.

OPT are able to provide service for all systems, although we are do not have full access to all types of software.

In the event that additions or modifications are required, by using our expertise and knowledge of the industry, we are able to ensure these are supplied in a realistic, cost effective manner.